Bull Painting de Sharon Cummings

Tiago Santos

“7:30 am… Idanha-a-nova, a morning mist erupts through the green fields …

… Arlindo is a nature lover… I see him entering a cane field that overlooks the Ponsul River. I follow him at a distance, until I find him, smile and tell me to go down, make little noise … initially I don’t understand, but he was watching birds accompanied by Lara, his pet dog, faithful and daring companion.

I had arrived the day before, there had been little time for us to talk about more abstract thoughts, I had just been delighted with a magnificent chorizo ​​steak matured for 30 days… Today was the day, the setting, the weather, the climate, the sound from Ponsul running sullenly with chirping of goldfinches and finches, I asked the question, I didn’t expect the answer… Why do you do this?

I was talking about Arlindo’s production method. 1.5 head of cattle per hectare. Food? Grasses that grow free like the animals that graze on them. He knows all the cattle that graze on the farm, they all have names, but his contact with Arlindo is minimal. He is an impartial spectator of the natural phenomena that occur in that space, cows and bulls of all possible species. Arlindo gives dignity to the animals it welcomes, gives them a green pasture, natural water and a UNESCO heritage meadow, our Meat do Prado. … ”

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