The organic meat Geo Do Prado results from animals raised in organic production, in Geo.Park territory.

This way of production allows products of different quality to be obtained, insofar as animal welfare and balance with the environment are favored.

Animals are raised in a healthy and natural way, outdoors, in pastures and meadows, in conditions that respect the rules of Animal Welfare. This type of meat differentiates itself by the flavor and the reunion with the roots and old familiar traditions.

Portugal and, in particular, the territory of Geo.Park Naturtejo, has very favorable conditions for organic livestock farming. Natural features are reconciled with traditional, extensive systems based on the use of pastures and forages, the availability of area and the existence of valuable traditional knowledge and production systems in which the animals are well adapted.

The principles of organic animal production are based on providing conditions that promote health and that meet the physical, physiological and behavioral needs of animals, taking into account their well-being. In organic production, the concept of ethical animal production is inherent. It should be noted that Idanha-a-Nova is also the 1st Bio Region created in Portugal.

Currently, our focus is organic beef and organic lamb, but soon we will also have organic pork.

In 2018, we started applying the maturation process to organic beef, which results in a unique product with a truly exceptional flavor.

In conclusion, it is a high quality organic meat, healthy for the consumer and for the environment.