Feel the amazing nature!

We created Nature Fields on April 8, 2013, with the mission Feel the Amazing Nature. Nature is our source of inspiration and an inexhaustible challenge. We wanted to seriously invest in the concept of “nature”, in a territory with high potential in terms of its natural wealth and with numerous factors of development and attraction, if Idanha-a-Nova were not one of the municipalities that make up the Naturtejo Geopark.

The company’s main objective has always been the development and promotion of natural resources. As these resources are so diverse, the way we approach and assume our commitment to Nature is also diverse. A dynamic and evolving commitment, which takes place in stages, not limited to initial projects.

In commercial activity, we sell Terrestrial, Biological and GeoProducts. The products of excellence are the Geo Do Prado products, Nature Fields’ first brand.

Geo Do Prado Brand is an umbrella brand and is designed for the future integration of various products, in order to achieve our goal – From Prado to your plate!

In 2021 we launched Vakaushi beef, which results from the crossing of our breeds with the Akaushi breed – RED WAGYU. This project was born 5 years ago, from a partnership between Nature Fields and Escola Superior Agrária de Castelo Branco, among other partners, with the aim of getting the best and healthiest meat in the world in Portugal.It integrates rigorously selected producers from Idanha-a-Nova and other regions of Portugal, belonging to UNESCO World Geoparks. The result is extremely tender, intensely flavorful meat and a unique experience that defies the Senses! It is also characterized by being the healthiest meat in the world, for its health benefits.

We are committed to Sustainability and seek to act in order to reduce the ecological footprint, guarantee Animal Welfare and promote the local economy.

Our inspiration

Feel the Amazing Nature is our Mission.

It is Nature that inspires and gives us energy!

We are in love about land, rivers, birds, mountains and stars!

We believe and we are committed to:

  • Respect
  • Authenticity
  • Products with history
  • Sustainability
  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Projection of the local economy
Animais na quinta

Origins in Beira Baixa

“My family is from Beira Baixa and it is in this region that my origins and my oldest memories are. It was with my Grandfather that I won the passion for the land, for Nature and for everything that grows and moves in it. He gave me the first teachings about the land, birds, animals.

I was born in a little village called Tinalhas, but I left in a few days! The truth is that whenever I came back I felt very good and in “my home”.

I always felt that one day I would return and in fact, with 18 years old, I went back to Beira Baixa to study in Castelo Branco, where I graduated in Animal Production Engineering, in 1996.

I left again, I lived in Beira Alta and in the north of Portugal. In 2005 in 2005 i was invited to start a new project in idanha-a-Nova. And there was my return to Beira Baixa, the return to my origins and to “my home”.

I bought my farm in 2011, i created Nature Fields in 2013, and here i am.

I’m here and I will be, because this is what I believe in and this is where I feel happy!”

Arlindo Cardosa (Founder of Nature Fields)

What steps we have done

We created the company in April.
Our first customer – Intermarché de Idanha-a-Nova
We created our Geo do Prado Brand, with the traditional beef range.

We launched the range of matured beef.
We started the transformation process with the hamburger product.
First Restaurant Partners.

We launched the meatballs product.

We obtained biological certification.

We created our BIO product range, with beef and lamb.
We centralized the transformation process in the Lisbon Region
We created the home delivery service “From Prado to your Home”
We launched our Organic Stores segment.
We participated for the first time at BIOFACH in Nuremberg.
GeoProduct Seal – GeoPark Naturtejo, Unesco Heritage.
We begun our walk with some of the best national chefs.

We launched the new skin pack packaging.
We received the Intermarché Award for National Production 5th Edition – Honorable Mention.
We were selected for the accelerator of the i-Danha Food Lab / BGI.

We extended the distribution to the whole country.
We started a partnership with Intermarché Base.
Innovation and internationalization project REINOVA – New Brand

We started a partnership with the Auchan Group

We created the brand Vakaushi, beef AKAUSHI – Red WAGYU.
We obtained certification as a GEOfood partner integrated in Naturtejo Geopark and in the world network of UNESCO Geoparks.

What steps are we going to take

We seek to innovate constantly and the future will bring the development of new products, the recreation of production processes, the framing of new services and new activities, the generation of new and challenging partnerships.

In our complicity with Nature, we want to offer experiences that appeal to the 5 Senses. Always loyal to Feel the Amazing Nature!

Nature Tourism

BIO Tasting Room

Launch a new Organic Products Brand

Increase the range of organic products Geo do Prado