The frozen embryos from the United States of America were delivered by the company wagyuworld (Engº Hugo Patrício), to the ESACB animal breeding team (Prof. Manuel Martins, Prof. Várzea Rodrigues, Engº Joaquim Carvalho and Engª Sandra Duarte), with in order to introduce the breed in Portugal. The receiving cows belong to the cattle herd of the Escola Superior Agrária de Castelo Branco.

A cooperation protocol was carried out between the IPCB / ESA, the Portuguese Wagyu Cattle Breeders Association and Nature Fields (Engº Arlindo Cardosa). Special thanks to the former director of ESACB, Prof. Celestino Almeida, for accepting a challenge that was achieved.

For the implantation of embryos, the ESACB reproduction team, counted on the collaboration, support and especially friendship of Prof. Moreira da Silva, from the University of the Azores and the technician Gerry Estrela, from Unicol (Terceira Island, Azores).

A diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound was performed at 40 days, with the presence of students of agronomy and veterinary nursing, in which 4 pregnancies were confirmed.

For the monitoring of childbirth, after 293 days of gestation, we have the help of Prof. Manuel Vicente, Engº Joaquim Carvalho, as well as the operational Manuel Fernandes and José Martins.

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